Overseas offices shutdown:

This is here by inform you all that all our overseas offices, including development centers and sales offices will be closed permanently with effect from September 1, 2016. We are aware of the impact this closing will have on employees in those offices. Hence, we made all the necessary arrangements to accommodate all the employees,not limited to sales teams, working in our foreign offices in our Hyderabad, India office.

Those who are willing to relocate to our Hyderabad, India office will be provided with one month paid vacation along with the cost of the necessary travel arrangements, ticket fares and other accommodations. For others, the severance package will be quite generous.

The reason for shutting down our offices overseas is the general business decline in some of those locations makes it impossible to justify keeping offices opened and for some other locations we have a different model to do business. For any assistance with regards to your employment, travel arrangements and reporting at our Hyderabad, India office please feel free to reach Ms. Benazir Khan Mateen on phone +91(40)-65535559 or she can be emailed on benazir.khan(at)generalatronics.com

General Atronics is grateful for your continued service and support during this difficult time. We hope we all will benefit from this change.

Business Automation Solutions

Customer is a management consulting company from SouthAfrica which is focused on helping social institutions to streamline their day-to-day operations. During multiple engagements in this sector Customer witnessed growing demand for a comprehensive all-in-one online system that could be used by the institutions, clients and regulators.

Customer voted for the SaaS principle, so that his clients would not expend for hardware infrastructure or maintenance and there would be no update headaches.

General atronics software developers designed a distributed framework of web-based modules with an application-wide XML API which allowed separate modules to "talk" to each other via web services. Oxagile software architects proposed to choose Microsoft platform – ASP.Net, MS SQL, IIS for building the software, and customer agreed with this choice. Additionally, General atronics used Silverlight to develop several UI-intensive modules.

Genaral atronics suggested a flexible agile methodology and took on the responsibility for the following project activities:

  • Business analysis
  • Graphical design
  • Technical design
  • Software development
  • Software stabilization
  • Application deployment

Thanks to the agile methodology and the modular principle of the software, Customer was able to offer first modules to pioneer clients within several months from the presentations. The prototypes, developed by the Generalatronics software development team, were successfully used to support sales and funding efforts.

Because new modules of the application seamlessly integrate with the existing SaaS system, the time to market for new features is brought to the minimum.

Since General atronics handles all the development and deployment activities, Customer has all the time to devote to strategy planning, client relations and marketing.

As an added benefit, total investment turned out to be much lower for Customer, compared to the original plan to use a more expensive local alternative.

Technologies- ASP.Net, .Net, C#, DHTML, Ajax, XML Web Services, NHibernate, MS SQL, Win Server (x64)

General Atronics Java based project POPI-A User-level Tool for Inferring Router Packet Forwarding Priority

General atronics IT consulting company successfully delivered java based project for the company herald tech soft for the networking purpose.

Packet forwarding prioritization (PFP) in routers is one of the mechanisms commonly available to network operators. PFP can have a significant impact on the accuracy of network measurements, the performance of applications and the effectiveness of network troubleshooting procedures. Despite its potential impacts, no information on PFP settings is readily available to end users.

In this paper, we present an end-to-end approach for PFP inference and its associated tool, POPI(POlarimetric Phase Interferometry). This is the first attempt to infer router packet forwarding priority through end-to-end measurement. POPI enables users to discover such network policies through measurements of packet losses of different packet types. We evaluated our approach via statistical analysis, simulation and wide-area experimentation in PlanetLab. We employed POPI to analyze 156 paths among 162 PlanetLab sites.

POPI flagged 15 paths with multiple priorities, 13 of which were further validated through hop-by-hop loss rates measurements. In addition, we surveyed all related network operators and received responses for about half of them all confirming our inferences. Besides, we compared POPI with the inference mechanisms through other metrics such as packet reordering (called out-of order (OOO)).

OOO is unable to find many priority paths such as those implemented via traffic policing. On the other hand, interestingly, we found it can detect existence of the mechanisms which induce delay differences among packet types such as slow processing path in the router and port-based load sharing.


Acquiring Back end operations of MyWay Solutions – 2012.

General Atronics announced on 1st March 2012 that the management of MyWay Information Incorporated agreed to accept an offer from General Atronics to acquire its back end operations in India.

MyWay IT India PVT LTD, a 100% subsidiary and back office of MyWay Information Technology Solutions Inc, has been supporting its parent company in delivering specialist ERP, Data analytics and software application development services for its clients and helped balancing workloads, reducing the operational costs, optimize resources to increase processing speed and throughput and operational efficiency, meet service goals and improve quality and compliance since 2009.

It has established an outstanding reputation for high quality service and customer satisfaction.

Commenting on the transaction, Cynthia Liu, COO of General Atronics, stated: "I am delighted to be this announcement because MyWay is a great business and an excellent fit with General Atronics.
This acquisition adds significant strength to our offering to distribution and wholesale customers. Furthermore, it brings to General Atronics a talented and successful team with deep vertical market expertise and a commitment to excellence in customer service. General Atronics's customers will be more benefitted from being supported by a larger organization with a strong back end team from India. We see a bright future together."

"We believe that the combination with General Atronics will provide fresh momentum to the ongoing development of our products and services for the benefit of customers, suppliers and employees," said John Williams, President, CEO and founder of MyWay.

Souvik Debnath, CTO at General Atronics added: General Atronics is expecting this transition to be end of September and there after Myway IT india will be treated as General Atronics IT Solutions India.

General Atronics provides modern enterprise software and IT services to manufacturers, distributors and wholesale businesses in North America, Europe and Asia focusing on delivering real business results from technology solutions and specializing in Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Enterprise Applications, HR-IT and Legacy Modernization. With 90 active clients, General Atronics has achieved leadership position in industries such as Healthcare & Life sciences, Manufacturing.

General Atronics had developed the software as a service (SAAS) for their clients

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is essential for any sales professional today. CRM software helps keep track of sales contacts, leads, and the progress of multiple sales projects. GeneralAtronics is a proven leader in the CRM software industry, and their latest offering, Prophet OnDemand, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that is sure to be a winner with any sales group. Prophet OnDemand is built into Outlook, creating an application that provides email service, a calendar, a contact list, a task list, and detailed sales information all in one convenient location.

What is Prophet OnDemand?

Prophet OnDemand SaaS (Software as a Service) is an online CRM software that allows sales teams to manage their sales contacts, appointments, and projects. Users can use Prophet OnDemand either online or offline. This Saas application is built into the existing Outlook application, and information from Outlook contacts, tasks, and calendars are automatically shared with Prophet OnDemand. Sales personnel have access to information supplied by other team members, increasing the effective communication among the group and boosting the success of the team. Sales managers are able to easily keep track of ongoing sales projects and other activities performed by individual members of the sales team. Generalatronics acts as the host for this SaaS and manages all the information entered into Prophet. All data in Prophet OnDemand is 100% safe and secure. General Atronics guarantees your data will be accessible at all times and data is backed up daily.

The Easiest CRM Software

Learning and using Generaatronics Prophet CRM software is easy. Instead of requiring the use of two or more applications, Prophet CRM software is built into Outlook. Users will be able to access the Outlook features, and will also have access to a variety of valuable sales management tools, such as sales activity tracking, projected revenue reports, and sales history data. There is no syncing required for this SaaS CRM. Updates to Outlook are automatically added to Prophet OnDemand, and information entered into Prophet OnDemand is transferred to Outlook. For example, a sales appointment entered into Prophet OnDemand will immediately become an entry in the Outlook calendar.

Why use a SaaS CRM?

Prophet CRM software is well known as the easiest CRM software available. Prophet OnDemand SaaS combines ease of use with the ability for all sales team members to access important information at any time. Prophet OnDemand also has the added bonus of providing your sales team with peace of mind. As a Software as a Service product, Prophet OnDemand is hosted and managed by General Atronics. Your accessibility to Prophet OnDemand is guaranteed and your data is fully protected and secured.

Installations and preparation for new CRM software can sometimes take months, and the results are not always positive. Prophet OnDemand installations are quick and easy and can be completed within a few hours. New users will has been thoroughly trained by the General atronics client services team so that they will be comfortable with the application and can successfully begin to implement the sales management features immediately.

Lower Up-front and Future Costs

Choosing Prophet OnDemand SaaS means that you will not need to purchase new server hardware, server software, or make any adjustments to your existing IT infrastructure. You will not have future costs associated with maintaining your CRM software, either. Finding lost contact and sales data can be time-consuming and quite costly. With Prophet OnDemand SaaS, you will always know where to find your business and sales information. Your Prophet OnDemand is automatically updated as soon as new versions are released, so you don't need to worry about buying or installing upgrades for your CRM software.

Who can use Prophet OnDemand SaaS?

Prophet OnDemand SaaS CRM was developed for sales teams of small and medium sized businesses. Since the software can be customized according to the users' needs, Prophet OnDemand is a valuable sales and contact management tool for any type of business. Remote sales teams will find multiple benefits of using Prophet OnDemand, including the ability to obtain the most recent updates on sales projects from anywhere in the world. Users can use Prophet OnDemand online or offline.

What Sales Information can I Manage with Prophet OnDemand?

Contact lists are the foundation for any sales efforts. Contact information included in Outlook becomes part of the Prophet OnDemand data as soon as the SaaS software is installed. Prophet OnDemand gives the user additional ways to conveniently manage and control contact information. One of the most recent features included in Prophet OnDemand is the capability to group all contacts associated with a particular company into one category. Sales team members will be able to access all pertinent contact information when working with a sales project.

Prophet OnDemand's Report Manager comes with 40 ready-to-use sales reports. If these reports do not fit your sales team's requirements, you can create customized reports using Report Wizard. Sales pipelines, individual sales team members' activities, forecasts, project status updates, revenue generation, and reasons for the loss of potential sales opportunities are among the many aspects of sales projects that team members can convert to reports through Prophet OnDemand Saas.

Simplified Opportunity Management

While working as a team has many benefits, there can also be some drawbacks. Without adequate communication, team members may be unaware of the latest developments and opportunities for sales. Sales opportunities may "fall through the cracks" if team members aren't sure who is responsible for a project or task. Prophet OnDemand SaaS CRM solves these problems with features that allow team members to access information about other members' activities. Contacts, emails, appointments, tasks and project status reports can be shared among team members. Managers will be able to see all aspects of each member's work and can effectively oversee projects.

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